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A series of powerful earthquakes have devastated the Indonesian island of Lombok in July - August 2018, earthquake and Tsunami 28 September 2018 in Palu and Donggala in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The earthquakes and tsunami have caused hundreds of deaths across the island and left thousands homeless, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and mental health problems. Local families have found refuge in makeshift tented communities, receiving aid from the government and donations.

A lot of the families are too scared to return home to damaged homes, living in fear, stress, anxiety, depression and trauma that there may be more earthquakes. There is approximately 74,000 + homes either damaged or completely destroyed from the quakes and tsunami. With the rainy season drawing nearer, a solution for a safe and permanent home for the victims need to resolve asap.

The Indonesian government will be distributing up to $5000AUD to families that have completely lost their home to assist them in rebuilding. Having this amount awarded to the quake victims is a massive blessing, however the nominal fee provided will be a struggle to finish the build of their previous home built from standard bricks and concrete and psychological first aid needs.

Indonesian Counselor Association (IKI) care is a programme for reductions of trauma and mental health problems, psychological first aid among the natural disasters Victims in Indonesia and another country

The purpose of this Indonesian Counselor Association (IKI) account is to collect donations for those wanting to directly support the victims of the earthquakes and tsunami. With the money raised, we will donate directly to families that need it most, as some families may not qualify for the government funding Depending on the amount we raise, we could potentially allocate donated money to re-building other community facilities such as schools, mental healthcare centre, food halls, and operational of counselor in reduction and relief Victims; stress, anxiety, depression, psychological first aid, trauma mental health problems  etc… so that life for the locals can get back to normal as soon as possible.

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